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Wonderful Pubs Of London - a personal account of many pubs and their nuances

Late Night London


There are pubs everywhere in London. Usually at least one every two or three blocks on the larger streets. It's also a very good idea to look down smaller side streets! Pubs and going down the pub for a quick pint are part of London's daily routine. The typical lunchtime pastime is to down a few pints before staggering back to the office! Londoners from all walks of life take part in the  daily ritual, from drunken  judges to factory workers to the queen! ( just kidding!)

     The pubs are open from 11.00 hours to 23.00 hours.   They serve food ( if you can call it that!) and drink. Try the Ploughman's Lunch.  It is usually about 5 .  Typically it consists of bread, dry cheddar cheese, pickle (English coleslaw) and apple or lettuce or something in the way of a fruit or vegetable.  Usually you can sit down, although on warm sunny days, Londoners strip off to the waist and stand up outside with their pint!


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