Hampton Court


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There are over 60 acres of gardens to explore at Hampton Court including the Maze, the Great Vine and the newly restored Privy Garden.
The buildings of Hampton Court cover 6 acres and comprise many courtyards and cloisters. One of the greatest pleasures of visiting the palace is strolling around them admiring the harmonious blend of Tudor and Baroque architecture and curiosities such as Henry VIIIís Astronomical Clock and Cardinal Wolseyís coat of arms in Clock Court.

Henry VIII is probably Hampton Courtís most famous occupant and its first royal owner. All his lavish private rooms were demolished in the early 18th century but the two most magnificent public rooms still survive - the Great Hall and the Chapel Royal, which is still a place of worship today.
King William IIIís Apartments are the finest and most important set of Baroque state apartments in the world. They are still furnished with the magnificent furniture and tapestries which graced them in 1700 when they were completed for the King. Today you see them restored after the terrible fire of 1986. An exhibition under the colonnade in Clock Court near the entrance to the Kingís Apartments explains the restoration and the function of the state rooms.


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