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ain't half for sure
any joy success
bangers sausages
barmy crazy, mad
bit of alright phrase for describing women
bird girl
bleedin' very
blimey Oh My God
blimey o'reilly Oh My God!
bloke, geizer, man
blower telephone
Bob's yer uncle you've got it
bog toilet
bog roll toilet paper
bollocks, rubbish nonsense 
bollocking severe reprimand
Bolshie, cheeky rude
local boozer local pub
bottle nerve, bravery
bugger all nothing!
bunk off from school skip classes
gone for a  Burton completely lost it
clear off Go away
codswallop nonsense
come again? say that again?
come off it Are you kidding!
come up lovely turned out fine
copper, bobby policeman
Cor Blimey wow!
to cotton on to understand
cuppa a cup of tea
cushy ( number) easy
a dead cert a definite winner
diabolical terrible
do a runner leave suddenly
doddle easy
dodgy risky
fags cigarettes
fell off the back of a lorry stolen
a fiver five pounds
to flog to sell
grub food
guv boss
had a few drunk several beers
knackered extremely tired
knockers, boobs a woman's breasts
knocking around marital infidelity
to take a leek to go to the lavatory
go on my son affectionate call of encouragement
motor car
musn't grumble can't complain
naff poor quality
to give the needle to aggravate
not half for sure
nut, nut case, nutter crazy
on the game working as a prostitute
Get on on yer bike Get out of here
pissed Drunk
pissed off Angry
piss off! Get out of here!
put a sock in it Be quiet!
to be skint/broke Without money
you're having me on You're kidding me

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